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Apple iPhone 7 Features stolen from Android Smartphones

Does Apple stolen Android Features ?

Yes , this is correct Apple have stolen many features from the Android Smartphones .


Apple launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and many features in this year’s iPhone is taken from Android . Many of the Android Smartphone brands using that features from past years .

Dual Camera
Apple says that they have worked on camera much more and provided a dual camera in this iphone , but this dual camera feature is not a unique feature.This feature used my many Android Smartphone brands from many years. This feature is as old as 2014 because this feature is provided firstly by HTC smartphone brand in 2014 in there HTC M8. Smartphone brand XOLO provided this feature under Rs.10000 budget Smartphone . LG G5 and Huawei P9 provides this feature in half of the price of iPhone 7.
No 3.5 MM Headphone Jack
By removing headphone Jack Apple does not provide the feature which is new in the Smartphone market.
LeEco Le2 and LeMax2 , they are provided with the High Quality USB Type C headphones for best music experience.
Stereo Speakers
Stereo speakers means are two speakers one at the bottom and other with the Earpice. They provide more louder audio output by the Smartphones.HTC M7 and many other phones like MOTOROLA provied this feature under Rs 13000 phones which is great.
High Resolution Front Camera
If you think that Apple iPhone 7 front camera quality cannot be beaten by any other Smartphone in the market.
I only suggest you to check out the front camera quality of the midrange Smartphones like Oppo F1 and Gionee S6.
Water Resistant
Water Resistant Smartphone concept started by the Sony Xperia Smartphones. Motorola provides the water resistant smartphones under Rs.13000 . So , this the also feature that many Smartphone brands are providing in there Smartphones from past years. Check out

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