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How to Download and Use BHIM Government UPI App Based on AADHAR

The Indian Government after the big decision of demonetisation is doing every possible step to grow India towards the Cashless Economy.

PM Narendra Modi have launched the BHIM Government UPI App , named after the “Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar” . This App is launched to overcome the problems faced by the citizens of India after the demonetisation and also to make the India a Cashless Economy.

How to download BHIM – Government UPI App ?

Click on the button below to download the BHIM Government UPI App.
Download BHIM UPI App

You can also go to your Google Play Store to Download the BHIM App but make sure download that App that is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). You can see the image below which ensures you that which App you have to Download ..

How to use BHIM Government UPI App ?

(keep in Mind the Important Notes I have mentioned required in setting up the App)

NOTE : If you don’t have Credit/Debit Card then you will be unable to do the Registration on any of the UPI Apps. So, firstly issue the Credit/Debit Card from the Bank which holds your Account.

BHIM UPI App is very easy to use. So here are the Steps you can follow to set up the App for the payment or for the tranfer of your funds.

  1. After Installing, Open the App and choose your Language English or Hindi.BHIM Government UPI App
  2. Then click Next and again Next.BHIM Government UPI App
  3. Then Click on Lets Get Started Button and allow the App to Send and View SMS and to make and manage calls.
  4. After that you will be asked to Select a SIM to verify your mobile number by automatically sending an SMS through your Mobile Number. Select the SIM and click Next.BHIM Government UPI App
    ( NOTE : Select that SIM Mobile Number which is Registered with your Bank Account )
  5. Your Mobile Number will be Verified.
  6. Then it will ask you to write the 4 Digit Passcode and once again for confirmation purpose.
    ( NOTE : It will be each time when you open it ).BHIM Government UPI App
  7. Select Your Bank in which you have Account.BHIM Government UPI App
  8. After that you will be asked to enter the last 6 Digits of the Credit/Debit Card issued from the Bank and its Expiry Date.
  9. Then go to the Accounts Tab and Set the UPI PIN.
    ( NOTE : Dont Forget The UPI PIN it will ask you for UPI PIN For every transaction either you are sending or recieving money ).
  10. Now It’s ready to use, you can send money ( Press on Send Button ) and recieve money ( Press on Receive Button ) by using Account Number + IFSC code or you can also pay by Scanning QR Code of the individual or organisation whom you have to pay.BHIM Government UPI App

If you have any Questions regarding this BHIM Government UPI App or any UPI Apps please feel free to ask us by Commenting in the Comment Section Below.

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  1. Yes, Aruna you can receive money but the main advantage of the UPI App over Mobile/Internet banking App is that you can connect all your Accounts only with the one UPI App and send or receive money from any of your corresponding accounts that are connected with the specified Mobile number you used while registering for the UPI App and while in case of mobile banking you have to separately download the mobile banking apps of all banks which holds your Accounts.

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