How to Get Old WhatsApp Text Status
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How To Get WhatsApp Text Status Feature Back ? |

The time when WhatsApp Messenger has removed there most likely Text Status Feature with a update, the only question that arises in our minds is that ” How to get old Whatsapp text Status back ? ” . This removal of the text status feature leads to the high criticism by many of the Whatsapp users , I think that this was the biggest mistake that they made.

how to get old whatsapp status feature back

Now the company is testing the same text status feature in there Google Beta Testing , so it may possible that this feature may comeback soon in the Whatsapp stable to get whatsapp old status back
If you want this feature now only , then you just have to follow these simple steps that are given below :

How To Get WhatsApp Messenger old Text Based Status Feature Back ?

  • Click here to SignUp for the Google Beta Community ( SignUp using the same email id which you are using on your Google Play Store ).
  • Then click on the ” Become a Tester ” Button on that page.
  • Then close all your background apps in your smartphone.
  • Then after few minutes , go to the Google Play Store and search for the WhatsApp Messenger and click on that.
  • You will find the Update for the Whatsapp Messenger ( You are a Tester .. Awesum ! )
  • Update the App and open the Whatsapp again.
  • Go to the three dots on Upper Right Edge > Settings > About and Phone Number Section.
  • You will find the Status Option back there.
  • Enjoy the old status feature with the same default options like “Available”, “At the movies”, and many more.

Note : It may does not work for some of the users because it is the Google Beta Testing Program, but you can try it out once, if it works then Enjoy it !!

This will not remove the new status feature, only what it does that it adds the old text status feature back to your whatsapp messenger as for a testing purpose by the company.


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