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True Interesting Facts About Technology : Hey Guys , we all love technology and we all use computers and smartphones and they are now in our habits and are parts of our daily lifestyle. In this article we are going to tell you some True Interesting Facts About Technology and we are sure that you will loving to know them if you are a big technology geek. We always come with most interesting topics for you people so that you can expand your knowledge in the field of science and technology. So here we go with some technology facts that you don’t know :

True Interesting Facts About Technology

1. Email existed before the World Wide Web (WWW)facts about technology

The first position in the computer facts lists is acquired by Emails. Electronic mail or email is used by all of us and it takes couple of seconds to send emails to one or more then one people. But previously in old days it was not so easy to send the email like it’s today. At times when there was no world wide web and hence no url’s a computer and a rotary phone were used to connect to service called micronet. There were numbered webpages and for emails the webpage number was 7776.

2. Domain names were registered for free till 1995facts about technology

The second position in facts about technology is acquired by domains. As we know internet is so much vast and we all know what the internet is capable of right now. Till 1995 there was no charge for registration of domain names and there were also widely available domain names that people can choose from. In later 1995 the company named network solutions began to charge for domain names as per the rights granted to them and the starting cost was 100 dollars for two years. These computer facts are really weird but they absolutely true.

3. 86% people try to plug there USB Devices Upside Downfacts about technology

USB devices are the main source of portable storage which we carry in our pockets and they acquires a third position in these interesting topics. Surely, we all are in the 86 % people who always try to plug there usb devices upside down. These tech facts also tells us about our daily habits while interaction with the technology and computing devices.

4. First hard disk(HDD) weighted a ton with only 5MB of storage

facts about technology

In 1956, IBM launched a first computer (305 RAMAC) with hard drive weighted around 1000kg with only 5MB of data storage capability. These are the amazing facts about science and technology tells us the differnce between old days technology when 5MB weights a ton and now days we stores gigabytes of data in our small chip size memory cards.

5. Ubuntu means “I am because of you”facts about technology

At the fifth position in interesting facts about technology there comes a Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a very popular distribution of linux and its name came from the African word which means ” I am because of you “.

6. To have your picture clicked with the very first camera you have to be sit still for atleast 8 hoursfacts about technologyAt 6th position of facts of technology comes the very interesting fact. The very first camera can able to take your picture if you are sitting still in front of it for 8 hours. We found this technology facts very funny, think of it as if today will also be the same condition like it was before.

7. Computer that run on waterfacts about technology

This is amazing fact from all the “facts of technology” we discussed here. In 1936, Russia built the one and only computer that run on water. Yes, you heard it right it runs on water. Vladimir Lukyanov built that computer for solving differential equations. It’s now found in Moscow’s Polytechnic Museum.

8. Bill Gates house was designed using a Macintosh Computerfacts about technology

Coming to the 8th facts about technology which is about the Bill Gates house. Macintosh Computer was used in partially designing of the Bill Gates House.

9. Facts about Apple Logo facts about technologyNumber 9th fact in the list of facts about technology is about the Apple Logo. The very first Apple logo featured “Sir Isaac Newton” sitting underneath a tree, with an apple which was about to hit his head.

10.Firefox logo doesn’t contain a fox, its actually a red pandafacts about technology

Last but not the least in this collection of ‘True Interesting Facts About Technology’ which is about the most popular firefox web browser. Red Panda is also known as Firefox and red panda is an animal native to the Himalayas and this is how the Firefox got it’s name from. So don’t think of a fox in a Firefox logo, it’s actually a red panda.

So, guys all these were the top 10 facts about technology you have read.

Finally we hope you guys enjoyed this amazing collection of “True Interesting Facts About Technology“, if you really enjoyed this collection then don’t forget to appreciate our efforts using comments in the comment section given below. Stay tuned for more facts about technology and follow us socially on facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus for more easy regular updates about technology. Thanks, do visit again and keep smiling.

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